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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Happy Summer Solstice! (and a deal for you!)

Happy Summer Solstice! The Summer Solstice marks the first day of summer with the longest day and shortest night of the year. Here  in Minnesota, Summer came barging right in with the hot and stick 90 degree temps we’ve been having! Don’t forget, for this season we have an excellent deal for our customers!

Now that summer is here, now is the time to get your cooling system inspected.  We are offering a complete  air conditioner precision tune-up for only $99** plus tax.

Your precision tune-up includes:

– Cleaning Condenser Coil

– Verify Thermostat Operation

– Measure Voltage

– Measure Amp Draw

– Inspect Belt Condition

– Measure Refrigerant Pressures

– Measure Temperature Drop Across Coil

– Measure Super Heat & Sub-Cooling

– Tighten Wiring Connections and Insulation

– Oil Blower Motor If Necessary

– Inspect Condensate Drain

– Inspect Contacts For Pitting & Wear

– Inspect Furnace Filter (Customer will be advised if filter needs to be changed. 

  Additional charge for filter due to various sizes and types.)


Not including if necessary:

– Cleaning Evaporator Coil

– Cleaning Condenser Coil

– Removing Blower Wheel and Cleaning

– Refrigerant

– Parts


If you need any of the above items completed with your precision tune-up additional charges will apply.  Please ask for details.

Customer will be advised of any additional charges before repairs are made.  Air Conditioner inspections can be scheduled Monday – Friday from 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.*.   Please call 952-890-3466 to schedule your appointment.

*Other times available outside regular business hours for an additional fee.  Please call for details.

** Price is per air conditioner.

Offer good until July 1st.

We now offer Duct Cleaning.  Please call for details.

How to Keep Your AC Working for Years

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It’s June in Minnesota, and with June usually comes some higher temps than we’re used to in previous months. We’ve already had some hot days, but we’ve been lucky not to have a big streak of heat yet, but surely that is on it’s way. Today we have some tips for how to keep your AC lasting through the impending warm months, and hopefully for many more  summers to come!

Tip #1: This is a tip we’ve mentioned before, but it’s important – if your AC unit is placed in the sun, try to give it some coverage. Place plants or lawn ornaments nearby which will cast shadows on the unit so it won’t have to work so hard to cool your home down. Just make sure that plants aren’t too near the unit, which can cause problems if leaves or stems get stuck in the coils.

Tip #2: Give your AC a chance to catch it’s breath. This might seem straight from the mouth of Captain Obvious, but if you want to preserve the lifespan of your unit, don’t run it all the time. When gorgeous Minnesota days with 72 degree weather roll around, use it to your advantage by turning off the AC, and opening windows and doors to get some fresh air. This tip is especially important if your unit is getting up there in age – older machines can use a break now and then if you want them to last.

Tip #3: Make sure to get your AC checked out before you have problems. Once the dog days of summer are upon us, AC problems sneak up all over the place. Spare yourself the trouble of waiting for a technician to to fix your AC while you suffer in the sweltering heat by proactively scheduling a maintenance appointment. Whether your unit is old or new, a check-up never hurts!  You can schedule your summer season tune-up from Gopher Heating at a new low price that won’t last long! Read all the details here!

Don’t hesitate to give Gopher Heating a call (952.890.3466 [metro area] or 507.665.3300 [Le Sueur area])  to make sure your AC is ready to go for the summer!