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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Keeping Your Home Comfortable and Warm For the Winter

It’s that time once again here in Minnesota – the dreaded Winter season! While this means we can partake in fun seasonal events like skiing and snowboarding, or building a snowman, these things are the best when we know we have a nice heated home to look forward to . Here at Gopher Heating, we want you to have a nice cozy home to come back to after all the fun events are said and done – so today we have three easy tips to help make sure your home  is comfortable and toasty all season long!

1. Have your furnace inspected 

If the world were a perfect place, everyone would get their furnace inspected yearly. However, we know how busy life can get (especially during the holiday season) and often the furnace inspection gets overlooked. You promise yourself, “Next year! I swear, next year I will get that dang furnace looked at!” and before you know it, another year passes you by. Getting your furnace inspected is quick and affordable, and you’ll be glad you did it! No one wants to suffer in the Minnesota cold, and we can make sure that you won’t have to for one second! Better safe than sorry!

2. Consider an upgrade

Outdated heating systems not only pose a threat to your wallet, but they’re more work for you! Older models of heating systems often require more check ups and maintenance than newer, more sophisticated models – and they are probably running your energy bills up higher than necessary! Considering a brand like Lennox for your heating needs may be worth it this season. Lennox products are designed to provide efficient, economical comfort that is reliable and consistent!

3. Replace or clean the filter

Replacing the filter is as easy as turning the furnace off, checking the filter, and determining the filter type. Filters are disposable, and often need to be cleaned or replaced every 30 or 90 days, depending on the type of filter. Not only will this improve health benefits, but it should also increase the efficiency of your heating system. Visit our website to purchase a new filter for your furnace today!

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Let Us Introduce Ourselves…

Hey blogosphere! We’re Gopher Heating, here to announce our brand new blog! You may have seen us on Facebook, or perhaps on Twitter. We are located in Savage, Minnesota, and we service the Twin Cities and metro area’s home comfort needs, including heating, cooling, servicing, and duct cleaning.  Not only do we service residential clients, we are also available for commercial client needs, too!

Our working philosophy for our clients is, and always has been, “How would I do this if this was my own home?” We want our customers to be satisfied on every level, and so far we have over 100,000 satisfied customers who call on us for all their HVAC needs.

We use the finest home solutions products, including Lennox Healthy Climate Solutions, which feature a full range of indoor air quality products that fit every home and every need. These products are designed to improve your comfort, all while reducing pollutant levels in your home.

For any and every HVAC need you have, we are the company to call! Gopher Heating is here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you make the right heating and cooling decisions, and to improve your home’s air quality and overall comfort level! Visit our website at or call us today at (952) 890-3466 to see how we can help you!