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Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning (Infographic)

Blog by: Dennis, President of Gopher Heating

This is a great infographic from WellHome that we just had to share with you! This graphic is aimed at informing people about the nature of HVAC systems, which are often complicated and hard to understand. This graphic gives great insight in to the basic functioning of heating and cooling systems. Take a look and learn something new today!

Fall To-Do List!

Blog by: Dennis O’Brien, President of Gopher Heating

Now that we are officially experiencing the autumn season, it’s time to prepare for all that autumn and even the upcoming winter seasons bring. We’ve put together a fall to-do list to keep you on track and ensure all your HVAC systems are running properly.

  1. Replace air filters. Get rid of your dirty summer filters, and replace them with clean, fresh filters. This will dramatically improve the air quality in your home. Remember, each HVAC system has different changing requirements, so follow all instructions carefully.
  2. Get the fireplace ready.  Clean out any dirt, dust, and ashes so you can stoke up a hearty fire during the cold seasons. Make sure your chimney is clean and in working shape, and prepare to warm the house with an excellent source of natural heat. Don’t forget to chop the firewood!
  3. Check out your HVAC system. Make sure all gas pipes are connected and unbroken, take a look at the control box and wiring, lubricate the motor and peek at and replace fan belt if needed. Look over your entire system – if anything looks funny or odd, give Gopher Heating a call for a proper inspection. Leave any fixing to a professional.
  4. Think about insulation. Is your home drafty in the colder months? Are your attic and basement leaking cool air in to your home? Consider adding extra insulation to keep heat in and cool air out.
  5. Call Gopher Heating. The most important step you can take to ensure your home is warm and toasty all fall and winter long is to schedule a routine maintenance appointment. Our trained technicians will make sure your HVAC system is in proper working condition – no hidden charges, no phony fixes, no price gauging. You can trust Gopher Heating. Give us a call today at: 952-890-3466 (Twin Cities) or 507-665-3300 (Le Sueur area).

Consumer Reports’ Central AC Buying Tips

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Comfort is key when it comes to your home HVAC needs. Comfort is possible when you make informed AC purchase choices. By heeding these tips from Consumer Reports, not only can you spare yourself the sweat, but you can feel confident about making important buying decisions for your home’s AC system.

  • Size Matters: The biggest AC unit isn’t always going to be the best. Pick an air conditioner that fits with the size of your home. If your home is smaller, the highest powered AC isn’t the answer. If you’re in the market for a new AC, chat with our professionals at Gopher Heating to help you find the right size AC unit for your home.
  • Consider the Details: The three most important things to think about when you’re shopping for a new AC unit are design, efficiency and size. Is the right AC for you the “split system” or the “heat pump” design? How much power is necessary for your home’s cooling needs? What size is right for you?
  • Tried is not always True: If you’re looking to upgrade your old AC unit, don’t just assume that the exact same model and size of your previous AC will do the trick the second time around. If you’ve made any changes in your home with windows or insulation, this could affect  your home’s cooling needs. Have a contractor reevaluate what is necessary for your home. Just assuming that the same size will cut it could lead to inefficiency and system malfunctions that can easily be avoided with a bit of research.
  • Make Sure You’re in Good Hands: Get the most bang for your buck, and make sure that you trust who you hire to install your new AC. Read reviews, ask friends or neighbors about their own experiences, and make an informed choice.

For the detailed article, click here.


Blog by: Dennis O’Brien, President of Gopher Heating

Set Your Thermostat in Style!

The days of turning your AC on with a boring circular thermostat are gone! You can keep cool in style this summer with Lennox’s new iComfort WiFi Touchscreen Thermostat! Not only is this cool new design super-stylish, but it will also save you money! You can set the temp and control your energy costs from anywhere using your cell phone, tablet, or computer! Clunky control settings be-gone: come home to a nice cool house! You won’t have to suffer in the heat to save money while you’re away during the day!

Other cool features include Weather On-Demand, which allows you to see the five day forecast. The Alerts and Reminders feature keeps you up to date on diagnostics and service updates so you never miss necessary maintenance. Automatic Updates keep your thermostat working the best it can. And perhaps the coolest feature is  One-Touch Away Mode which overrides your normal programming when you’re away to save you on energy and money!

For more information about this awesome new gadget, visit:

How to Keep Your AC Working for Years

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It’s June in Minnesota, and with June usually comes some higher temps than we’re used to in previous months. We’ve already had some hot days, but we’ve been lucky not to have a big streak of heat yet, but surely that is on it’s way. Today we have some tips for how to keep your AC lasting through the impending warm months, and hopefully for many more  summers to come!

Tip #1: This is a tip we’ve mentioned before, but it’s important – if your AC unit is placed in the sun, try to give it some coverage. Place plants or lawn ornaments nearby which will cast shadows on the unit so it won’t have to work so hard to cool your home down. Just make sure that plants aren’t too near the unit, which can cause problems if leaves or stems get stuck in the coils.

Tip #2: Give your AC a chance to catch it’s breath. This might seem straight from the mouth of Captain Obvious, but if you want to preserve the lifespan of your unit, don’t run it all the time. When gorgeous Minnesota days with 72 degree weather roll around, use it to your advantage by turning off the AC, and opening windows and doors to get some fresh air. This tip is especially important if your unit is getting up there in age – older machines can use a break now and then if you want them to last.

Tip #3: Make sure to get your AC checked out before you have problems. Once the dog days of summer are upon us, AC problems sneak up all over the place. Spare yourself the trouble of waiting for a technician to to fix your AC while you suffer in the sweltering heat by proactively scheduling a maintenance appointment. Whether your unit is old or new, a check-up never hurts!  You can schedule your summer season tune-up from Gopher Heating at a new low price that won’t last long! Read all the details here!

Don’t hesitate to give Gopher Heating a call (952.890.3466 [metro area] or 507.665.3300 [Le Sueur area])  to make sure your AC is ready to go for the summer!

Air Conditioning Maintenance


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A great article out of Florida this week is giving HVAC users some helpful tips for maintaining their air conditioners. This is important because, as the article states, “Each year your air conditioner goes without maintenance, it will lose about 5 percent of its overall efficiency.”  As temps in Minnesota are higher than normal for May, many of us have already broke the air conditioning seal for the year, so here are some helpful tips to make sure your AC keeps you cool from some of Angie’s List‘s highest rated service specialists.

  •  Call a professional to give your air conditioning unit a routine check-up. In order to ensure efficiency for the summer it is important to have it inspected, cleaned, and tuned by a professional.
  • Make sure to replace air conditioning filters (check filter for how frequently you should change it, or ask a professional) which is especially pertinent in the summer season when allergens build up along the filter wall.
  • Consider shading your air conditioner to increase efficiency. As the article states, “Air in a shaded space is cooler than the surrounding air, meaning · the A/C will have an easier time cooling the air.”
  • Arguably, one of the most interesting points made in this article states, “Remember that each degree you dial below 78 increases your energy consumption by about 8 percent. If your monthly electric bill is about $100, you’ll save $8 a month with EACH degree you can stand above 78.”
  • If you’re a forgetful person and don’t often remember to adjust your thermostat before heading out for work, or leaving for a weekend, consider a programmable thermostat to help you save money on your bills.
  • If your unit is dated by more than 10 years, it’s time to think about getting a newer, more efficient model that will be far more environmentally friendly, and will also save you money.

To make sure your air conditioning unit is ready to go for the summer season, give Gopher Heating a call (952.890.3466 [metro area] or 507.665.3300 [Le Sueur area]) and one of our talented professionals would be happy to make sure you don’t spend a day braving the heat this summer!

More Expensive AC Bills This Summer?


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An interesting story out of Des Moines, IA today is spelling out what the shortage of Freon can mean for home comfort consumers. Freon, a refrigerant used in air conditioning units to keep your home cool, is known to deplete the ozone, and due to this the government is working to phase out the use of this substance. Because there is less to be used, prices are expected to rise compared to last summer. According to Cole Oliphant of Oliphant Heating and Cooling, “If it cost you roughly $200 last year, it will cost you close to $280 this year.”

One alternative to this issue is to consider switching to an air conditioning unit that uses substances which are more ozone friendly than Freon.

Gopher Heating is happy to chat with you about environmental options for your HVAC systems which not only help the environment, but they can help out your wallet as well. For more information, give us a call at 952.890.3466 (metro area) or 507.665.3300 (Le Sueur area).