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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Tips and Tricks for Winter Maintenance

We’ve been stressing the importance of furnace maintenance all winter long, so we may sound like a broken record to some of you. But if you’re a visual learner, and haven’t fully grasped what we’ve been talking about, this video gives you some good tips and tricks to make sure your furnace is running smoothly. Of course, if ever you’re in doubt, you can always give Gopher Heating a call for a quick inspection of all your HVAC systems!

If you’re short on time, here are some quick things to take away from this video by Buildipedia.

  • Make sure flue gas can escape. Visually inspect your flue pipe for any visible holes or rust. Any visible damages could allow toxic fumes in to your home.
  • Change your filters regularly. Do this every 30-90 days depending on the type of filter you use.
  • Make sure to follow the arrows on the outside of the filter each time you install a new one.

Coming Clean about HVAC Myths

There are a lot of misconceptions and confusion surrounding HVAC knowledge and practices. Today we wanted to clear up a few of the common misconceptions, in the hopes that it will not only straighten up the facts, but save you money! The more you know, the more you can save!

1. It’s not necessary to replace air filters once a month. It’s just a ploy for companies to get more money from me. 

This is definitely not true. Replacing air filters once a month is key to keeping your home or business’ air clean and breathable, as well as key to saving you money. A dirty filter doesn’t allow your systems to run as efficiently as possible. Often, dirty filters can increase your heating and air conditioning bills by 10%!  Filters can be ordered directly from Gopher Heating’s website if you’re due for a change.

2. My HVAC systems are working just fine. Check-ups are pointless.

We don’t want to presuppose that your heating and cooling units aren’t functioning properly, but only a certified  technician can make the call about the true state of your HVAC systems. Getting a check-up on your furnace or air conditioner is never a bad idea, because it could save you the hassle of a broken heater on a chilly day, or other problems down the road.

 3. Leaving the thermostat at one temperature is more efficient than adjusting it throughout the day.

This is SO not true. Programming your thermostat to cool down when you’re not home, or setting it for a cooler temp for the night will actually be more efficient and save you more money. Your furnace actually uses less energy while heating your home up in the morning, than it does to keep it at a constant toasty level all night long.

4. Being energy efficient might be great for the environment, but it won’t keep me comfortable.

Fortunately, this is entirely untrue. Just because a quality HVAC system is environmentally friendly and efficient, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort in your home or business. The County Government Initiative says it best, “Being energy-efficient means using less energy while doing the same things you do every day. That’s all.”

Deal of the Day

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Heartwarming HVAC

Normally, we specialize in warming our customer’s homes and businesses, but today we’re in the business of warming something else – hearts! We came across this story today and wanted to pass it along, because it shows the difference quality HVAC services can make, but it also tells a story of kindness and generosity on behalf of the HVAC company Michael and Sons Services located in Virginia.

The video itself is a bit long, but long story short – 15 year old Brandon has trouble breathing due to Muscular Dystrophy. After the earthquake that rocked Virginia last August ruined their oil boiler, it’s been a struggle for him. Humidity and cold air both make breathing even more difficult. When Basim Mansour met Brandon, and also found out he was a big Eagles fan, he felt a connection and he he inspected their house and decided to make repairs to their HVAC system. The kicker? All the charges were covered by Mansour’s company. But that’s not all – he also threw in an Eagle’s helmet signed by Brandon’s favorite Eagle’s player, Michael Vick. Truly a heartwarming story!

Repairing and upgrading your HVAC systems can make a world of difference, especially if you suffer from respiratory issues. In the case of 15 year old Brandon, this will greatly improve his breathing. To make sure your home or company’s air is clean and healthy, give us a call today at 952.890.3466 (metro area) or 507.665.3300 (Le Sueur area).

10% Off Duct Cleaning!

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