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Did You Know…?

Blog by: Dennis O’Brien, President of Gopher Heating

….Gopher Heating is currently working on projects as far as South Dakota. Our knowledgeable and award winning  staff of trained professionals are available for projects big and small, and for consulting wherever your needs may be.

Gopher Heating provides consultation on your HVAC needs, wherever they are. This not only saves you time and money, but it allows you to get answers you need from people who are professional, timely, and well-versed with all HVAC problems or opportunities. When you need fast and efficient answers, you know who to call.

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Consumer Reports’ Central AC Buying Tips

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Comfort is key when it comes to your home HVAC needs. Comfort is possible when you make informed AC purchase choices. By heeding these tips from Consumer Reports, not only can you spare yourself the sweat, but you can feel confident about making important buying decisions for your home’s AC system.

  • Size Matters: The biggest AC unit isn’t always going to be the best. Pick an air conditioner that fits with the size of your home. If your home is smaller, the highest powered AC isn’t the answer. If you’re in the market for a new AC, chat with our professionals at Gopher Heating to help you find the right size AC unit for your home.
  • Consider the Details: The three most important things to think about when you’re shopping for a new AC unit are design, efficiency and size. Is the right AC for you the “split system” or the “heat pump” design? How much power is necessary for your home’s cooling needs? What size is right for you?
  • Tried is not always True: If you’re looking to upgrade your old AC unit, don’t just assume that the exact same model and size of your previous AC will do the trick the second time around. If you’ve made any changes in your home with windows or insulation, this could affect  your home’s cooling needs. Have a contractor reevaluate what is necessary for your home. Just assuming that the same size will cut it could lead to inefficiency and system malfunctions that can easily be avoided with a bit of research.
  • Make Sure You’re in Good Hands: Get the most bang for your buck, and make sure that you trust who you hire to install your new AC. Read reviews, ask friends or neighbors about their own experiences, and make an informed choice.

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Blog by: Dennis O’Brien, President of Gopher Heating