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Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning (Infographic)

Blog by: Dennis, President of Gopher Heating

This is a great infographic from WellHome that we just had to share with you! This graphic is aimed at informing people about the nature of HVAC systems, which are often complicated and hard to understand. This graphic gives great insight in to the basic functioning of heating and cooling systems. Take a look and learn something new today!

Spray-IT to Reduce Energy Costs!

(image courtesy of computerclipart)  

There’s a new product in development that could have an interesting impact on the HVAC world, and it’s called Spray-IT. Developed by the ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute), this new product is “the first eco-friendly, thermal spray coating for use on glass and building material to lower energy costs,” according to their press release.

Bright, shining sunlight has a big impact on the heating and cooling costs of buildings. As the sun warms a building, more money is poured in to ensuring the building stays cool,  and the AC unit must do more work to keep the building at a comfortable temperature. As warm summer sun changes to the cold blustery winter, buildings often leak heat. So how does Spray-IT remedy these problems? Spray-ITworks by blocking UV rays that cause buildings to heat up, and it also reduces heat leakage out of buildings. In the end, this will save you money on your heating and cooling costs!

“ITRI’s Spray-IT(TM) thermal insulation coating makes it easy for companies and individuals to afford thermal insulation so energy can be conserved while reducing the overall carbon footprint. Spray-IT(TM) is inexpensive to produce, easy to apply and environmentally friendly,” said  Dr. Tzer-Shen Lin, ITRI’s Electronic Materials & Devices Research Group division director, in the company’s press release.

New products like this assist HVAC professionals in making sure our customers receive the best service – service that is friendly to the environment, sustainable, and the best deal for your dollar.

(Spray-ITis not currently offered by Gopher Heating)

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