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Lennox Product Selector

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As the cool weather has settled in to stay, undoubtedly you are powering up your furnace once again and snuggling up inside your nice warm home. If you’ve powered up your furnace and your home isn’t feeling quite as warm as it should, or your furnace is acting up, now is the time to act. Temps are only going to get lower, and you don’t want to be faced with furnace problems once it’s freezing.

If you are in the market for a new HVAC system, let Lennox help you make a decision that is right for you with their quality product selector. This product selector takes your needs, and your home’s features in to account so that you can come to a solution that is the perfect fit for you. Just enter in your zip code to begin!

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Blog by: Dennis O’Brien, CEO, Gopher Heating

Gopher Heating Takes Part in Heat Up Minnesota!

Gopher Heating had the good fortune of taking part in Lennox’s Heat Up Minnesota program this October, a campaign which gave 100 deserving Minnesotan families brand new high efficiency furnaces. Submissions were collected via, and responders were asked to share a story of someone they knew who was in need of heating for their home. The submissions were then reviewed by a panel of heating and cooling dealers and Lennox staff. Candidates were chosen based on need and feasibility.

The Gopher Heating team was thrilled to be a part of Heat Up Minnesota, and on October 6, they helped out Judith Jones of Le Sueur, MN by installing a new high efficiency furnace in her home. Gopher Heating’s technicians donated their time, tools, and hard work to make sure Ms. Jones has a nice warm house for the upcoming cold season and many more to come.

Ms. Jones’ home

The Gopher Heating team ready to install a high efficiency furnace for Ms. Jones

Members of Gopher Heating with Ms. Jones’ new high efficiency furnace

Gopher Heating on WCCO

Last evening, Gopher Heating’s president, Dennis, was on WCCO‘s evening news discussing the rising cost of heating this winter season. In case you didn’t catch it  – watch the video here!

Here is the article from WCCO’s website:


MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Heating costs hit record lows because of last year’s mild winter, but predictions of a “normal” season this year could mean a big increase.

Minnesota’s Energy Department estimates a rise in heating bills: 20 percent for houses using oil, 15 percent for natural gas customers, 13 percent for propane and 5 percent for electricity.

The price of natural gas is only predicted to rise less than a percent over last year, but the experts at Gopher Heating and Air Conditioning say anything can happen.

“We’re on the low end now, but they do fluctuate, so who knows,” said owner Dennis O’Brien.

O’Brien says saving starts with a good furnace tune up for peak performance.

“If you have a 95 percent efficient furnace, but it’s not working up to its potential you’re wasting money,” said O’Brien.

O’Brien also says make sure your home’s “envelope” is well sealed. That means good insulation — especially in the attic — and tight seals around doors and windows.

Then there’s the thermostat. A programmable model could save you 20 percent in heating costs.

When it comes down to it, natural gas and propane costs aren’t really going to be the issue — the cold weather is. So, taking those steps is your best bet.

As for people using heating oil, global demand for crude oil and instability in the middle east could send prices to record highs.”

Fall To-Do List!

Blog by: Dennis O’Brien, President of Gopher Heating

Now that we are officially experiencing the autumn season, it’s time to prepare for all that autumn and even the upcoming winter seasons bring. We’ve put together a fall to-do list to keep you on track and ensure all your HVAC systems are running properly.

  1. Replace air filters. Get rid of your dirty summer filters, and replace them with clean, fresh filters. This will dramatically improve the air quality in your home. Remember, each HVAC system has different changing requirements, so follow all instructions carefully.
  2. Get the fireplace ready.  Clean out any dirt, dust, and ashes so you can stoke up a hearty fire during the cold seasons. Make sure your chimney is clean and in working shape, and prepare to warm the house with an excellent source of natural heat. Don’t forget to chop the firewood!
  3. Check out your HVAC system. Make sure all gas pipes are connected and unbroken, take a look at the control box and wiring, lubricate the motor and peek at and replace fan belt if needed. Look over your entire system – if anything looks funny or odd, give Gopher Heating a call for a proper inspection. Leave any fixing to a professional.
  4. Think about insulation. Is your home drafty in the colder months? Are your attic and basement leaking cool air in to your home? Consider adding extra insulation to keep heat in and cool air out.
  5. Call Gopher Heating. The most important step you can take to ensure your home is warm and toasty all fall and winter long is to schedule a routine maintenance appointment. Our trained technicians will make sure your HVAC system is in proper working condition – no hidden charges, no phony fixes, no price gauging. You can trust Gopher Heating. Give us a call today at: 952-890-3466 (Twin Cities) or 507-665-3300 (Le Sueur area).

ARTICLE: HVAC Issues for Multi-Level Homes (via Fox 10)

Blog by: Dennis O’Brien, President of Gopher Heating


In multi-level homes, heating and cooling from level to level can be quite the task. Different levels create inconsistencies in temperature and HVAC function. This fantastic article from Fox 10, helps multi-level homeowners remedy these frustrating HVAC issues. For the full article, click here.

Common reasons for temperature variances between floors:

  • Restricted air flow from the furnace to the registers.
  • Inadequate or improperly sized and sealed ductwork.
  • A heating and cooling system that’s not sufficient for the size of the home.

Angie’s List, the nation’s leading provider of consumer reviews, asked highly heating and cooling companies about the options that are available today.

  • Run the furnace blower continuously: Heating and cooling professionals recommend homeowners switch their thermostat fan to the ‘On’ position to allow the blower on the furnace to run continuously, which better circulates air throughout the house. First, though, make sure your air filter is clean. Adjusting the vents can also help redirect the forced air to the places it’s needed.
  • Add a second system: Certainly the most expensive fix – a second system could run upwards of $7,000, but is the best option for two-story homes with one furnace. Adding a second system allows the homeowner to better control the temperature on each floor.
  • Add a zoning system: Zoning systems are a less-expensive alternative than adding another system. Zoning systems allow a homeowner to control the temperature independently from a thermostat placed on each floor. Zoning systems are easiest to install in new construction, however existing homes can sometimes be retrofitted to accommodate the system. Most zoning systems cost $3,000 and up.
  • Add a ductless split: Essentially an air conditioner without the ductwork, these small room-based units pass cold air through small air handlers mounted on the wall. The homeowner can control the temperature independently in each room the air handler is installed. Cost for ductless air conditioners typically starts at about $1,500 per unit.
  • Have ductwork inspected: Improperly sized and leaky ducts are often the culprits. Ultimately, homeowners with temperature variance issues should consult a reputable heating and cooling contractor to diagnose the issue and determine possible solutions. Doing so could not only make their home feel more comfortable, it can help ensure they are using their heating and cooling energy as efficiently as possible.”

Did You Know…?

Blog by: Dennis O’Brien, President of Gopher Heating

….Gopher Heating is currently working on projects as far as South Dakota. Our knowledgeable and award winning  staff of trained professionals are available for projects big and small, and for consulting wherever your needs may be.

Gopher Heating provides consultation on your HVAC needs, wherever they are. This not only saves you time and money, but it allows you to get answers you need from people who are professional, timely, and well-versed with all HVAC problems or opportunities. When you need fast and efficient answers, you know who to call.

Gopher Heating

Twin Cities: 952-890-3466

Le Sueur area: 507-665-3300

Consumer Reports’ Central AC Buying Tips

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Comfort is key when it comes to your home HVAC needs. Comfort is possible when you make informed AC purchase choices. By heeding these tips from Consumer Reports, not only can you spare yourself the sweat, but you can feel confident about making important buying decisions for your home’s AC system.

  • Size Matters: The biggest AC unit isn’t always going to be the best. Pick an air conditioner that fits with the size of your home. If your home is smaller, the highest powered AC isn’t the answer. If you’re in the market for a new AC, chat with our professionals at Gopher Heating to help you find the right size AC unit for your home.
  • Consider the Details: The three most important things to think about when you’re shopping for a new AC unit are design, efficiency and size. Is the right AC for you the “split system” or the “heat pump” design? How much power is necessary for your home’s cooling needs? What size is right for you?
  • Tried is not always True: If you’re looking to upgrade your old AC unit, don’t just assume that the exact same model and size of your previous AC will do the trick the second time around. If you’ve made any changes in your home with windows or insulation, this could affect  your home’s cooling needs. Have a contractor reevaluate what is necessary for your home. Just assuming that the same size will cut it could lead to inefficiency and system malfunctions that can easily be avoided with a bit of research.
  • Make Sure You’re in Good Hands: Get the most bang for your buck, and make sure that you trust who you hire to install your new AC. Read reviews, ask friends or neighbors about their own experiences, and make an informed choice.

For the detailed article, click here.


Blog by: Dennis O’Brien, President of Gopher Heating

Minnesotans Asked to Conserve Energy

Blog by: Dennis O’Brien, President of Gopher Heating

Hot temperatures in Minnesota lately have left the majority of us no other option than staying indoors in the blasting AC for days on end. Just recently, Minnesota Power asked customers to conserve energy due to the high temps and increased energy usage from air conditioners.

It is most important to conserve energy between the hours of noon and 8 PM.  Minnesota Power suggests delaying the use of appliances such as washers/dryers and stoves, and setting the thermostat to 77 degrees during these hours.

Playing your part to help curb Minnesota’s energy use is easy: keep your thermostat at the recommended 77 degrees when you leave for work, and make oven-free lunches and dinners.

For more energy saving tips visit

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Christmas in July Service Call Deal!

Blog by: Dennis O’Brien, President of Gopher Heating


Christmas in July is here, and do we have a deal for you!! Save today on any service call when you call Gopher Heating at 952-890-3466 (Twin Cities area) or 507-665-3300 (Le Sueur area).

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Gopher Heating Dex Video

Check out this video we did for Dex a while back. You’ll get a good introduction to how Gopher Heating works and get to meet some of our team! Let us know what you think!